Hello Saurabh, I am in h4 , my petition got selected in H1b Lottery.

my case is VT/Reg/Non-AD. Recently i Visited Niagara Falls. There i crossed the US border and reentered .So it added a departure Entry in my I 94 Travel History . But my i 94 still shows the same record[ ie I94 is not regenerated ]. my question is will it affect my h1b approval process or will it affect my COS alone . If COS is denied , then how i can regain COS ? or it will affect both h1b approval and COS ?

I am not 100% sure, but I think it is allowed to re-enter US from CA within 30 days without getting new I-94. So it should be ok in your case.

Worst case scenario is that only COS would be denied. 797 would not be impacted.

thanks saurabh. if it COS denial , what are the options I can get COS. is it possible to change employer after approval ? what is the cost of COS AGAIN ?

COS can be applied separately as well and would cost $325. Another option is to get H1 stamped and enter on that visa.

Another employer can also file H1 transfer for you along with COS.

Thank you so much Saurabh . Thanks a lot . One last Question for you .
[ Sorry to disturb you again ]
I found the following link in CBP site .


In that CBP mentioned , They will record the departure entry in the travel history when a person depart via land and RE ENTER the united states . So i got a departure entry with empty Port of entry/Exit .

Arrival/Departure Date Port of Entry/Exit
Departure 2016 July 10
Arrival 2015 september 24 ATL - ATLANTA, GA

So my question is , if departure entry will record when depart via land and ren enter means , USCIS will know still i am staying in United states , So they wont deny my COS . Is it right ? or do you know any other way USCIS will deny my COS .


As your I-94 number didn’t change, I don’t think they would deny the COS. Did you check w/ your attorney?

I checked with my attorney. They also have same opinion like you . But i think nobody can make any judgement on USCIS decision . This is what i understood. i think i have to wait until some thing from USCIS. I think you will also say the same. thanks for your kind conversation Saurabh.

Np. Hopefully it would work out in your case.