Hello , I have had a name change through affidavit after class 12th .

I was able to get my name changed in class 10 certificate .However i was not able to change my name in class 12 (CBSE) as there is no provision for such. As a result my graduation and class 10 certificate have the same name whereas class 12 certificate will have a different name . I have heard that many problems will arise in the future in visa and other benefits on account this clerical discrepancy . Please advise how and what are the necessary steps to be taken to avoid any hassles.

Nobody is going to look at your 10th, 12th grade sheets, as far as I know. Unless they specifically ask for it. In case they ask, attach documents that clearly states your previous name and current name. Also, attach proof/ letters from the CBSE board that clearly states Class 12 grade sheets does not allow name change.

If the name change is expanding initials or missing part of the name, then you should be fine. If this is due to marriage have supporting documents like ramanan suggested.

Either way, your passport should have the name you want to and THAT name will be used for Visa purposes and for SSN etc.