Health Insurance help for H1B USA employees

Hi everyone my name is Sameer.

(Moderators I apologize in advance as I did not find a way to PM you all directly).

I have seen lot of people that I know with H1B status who are working in the US trying to understand Health Insurance where to go and where to look its an entirely new concept and confusing at times. It is very confusing Employer options are expensive , then there are deductible’s , etc .

I want to help guide others here because I know their pain so they can find a plan which will give them great coverage and save money at the same time as most of the people I know on H1B have.

As a fellow Indian I have to give back to my people and help them as well.

It is all about real experiences.
You can definitely help the community and post your experience or send out detail article to , we will be happy to publish on the blog.

P.S : We do NOT publish any affiliate or promotional material. Just want to be clear.

Hi Kumar,

Sure I can do that hope everyone here is enjoying their Holidays with their families and same with you.


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Thanks, wish you the same. Look forward to article.