having 5.64 cgpa pls tell in which universities i can apply in usa

having 5.64 cgpa in btech pls tell me in which university i can apply in usa for comp science ?? pls tell me i am really confused !!

so pls tell me as most of the university deamand  3-3.5 gpa !!

Unfortunatley, We do not advise on schools. You need to do your own research on the schools that fit your scores.

i have done training in HCL pls tell me how much research should i do ??
and which is more benefited training or research work ??


Every university has its own method of looking at applicants. It does not always hinge on gpa, this number is used by Yale, Caltech and Harvard to do the first filter. Smaller universities across the US will love to have you once they review your life interest, aptitude and focus file.

Wish you all the best

Dr. Sandeep Shankar, Academic Advisor (India) to The Executive Director, Colorado Heights University, Denver, CO 80223, USA. www.chu.edu, 720-212-6504, sshankar@chu.edu