Have you ever been refused a US Visa in DS-160 Specific scenario

Here is the situation:

I had gone to H1B Visa stamping in 2011. The H1B documents shown to consulate were for Client A. But client letter was for client B. Since there was a difference, VO issued 221G green slip saying ‘More administrative processing required’. After struggling for more than 3 months, sending documents to USCIS for H1B amendment, back and forth, petition was again approved. After this, US Consulate in Chennai asked for the passport and documents to be submitted and visa was stamped.

While doing a stamping in India for H1B renewal now, there is a question in DS-160 which I am not sure what should be answered. Please help me in this.

'Have you ever been refused a US VISA or been refused admission to the United States or withdrawn your application for admission at the port of entry?

What should be my answer in this case? Yes or No.

If Yes, should I mention the above scenario as an explanation?

Awaiting early response.


Answer should be Yes. You can say that you received 221g during your last H1 stamping which was eventually approved. No need to explain the story there and only explain if asked during the interview.