Have valid B1 and H1B,can I tavel in B1 Visa and do a H1b transfer

I have a B1 Visa valid till 2020, I have a stamped H1B visa valid till 2015. My current employer doesnt have any opportunity in US, If any other employer is ready to send me to US can I travel in B1 and transfer my H1 after entering to US?

Thanks in advance.

That will be misuse of B-1 visa.

The right way is to get H-1 cap-exempt petition filed while you are still outside US. Once approved, travel on new petition and an unexpired visa stamp.

You can not do that becasue if you come here on B1 and apply for H1 also you will have limited time to stay in USA on B1 and if your H1 get approved also you will have to wait till october 1 in any fiscal year.

yes you have option if you find an non profit organisation or cap excempt employer to file your H1 duting anytime in the Year.but still problem for you will be in case if your petision doesnt get approval within 6 months of your B1 period (you will be out of status for the time after 6 month to the start date of H1 and it will cause u trouble when u enter next time to US.

so beat way i would suggest to file from homw country and wait till you have approval and get stamp and come.because you dont want to damage your visitor visa as well as you have plenty of time validity.