have two approved h1b petitions

Hi Team

Could you please check and help me on this I am in India and working with company A. My H1B visa got approved from A and also stamped
As i am not getting opportunity to travel USA, transferred my visa to Company B and H1 B visa approved form company B also and stamping not yet done.

Now i got a opportunity in A company. can I travel through company A H1B visa?

Is B visa still valid, if he travel from A.

He want to work with B after 6 months/1 year.

Please check and let me know whether he can travel through company A or not?

Thanks & Regards,

Unless A or B have revoked the approved petitions, you can travel to work on either A or B. This assumes that the concerned employer still supports your employment and willing to send you to US on H-1B.

H-1 is NEVER transferred. B has filed a cap-exempt petition for you, and you now have 2 perfectly valid approved petitions and can use either to travel to US.

Thank you very much for update. Now cleared my doubts…