Have got multiple I797 approval copy for the same petition with different start date and same end date for extension

Hi Sir,

I applied for the extension for the H1B and the petition got approved in premium mode.

The strange thing happened was that USCIS sent 3 approval notices for the same petition with different start date and same end date.

The attorney has sent the query to USCIS for the verification that which I797 petition is valid which has been taking more than a week even though the case was filed in premium mode.


  1. Have you encountered such issues and if yes what will USCIS do. Will they just reply that out of three approved I797 which one is valid and then that hard copy will be used by me.

  2. Or the USCIS will again send a final approved I797 copy to the attorney and we need to wait for it.

  3. How much time does USCIS takes to respond in such cases as this was filed in premium and we got the approval within the time.

  4. Is there any thing to worry as I believe as once the case is approved we need to just wait for the answer from the USCIs. They are not going to change there decision on the approval I believe and the case will still be approved.

  5. I was about to file my I-140 and was wondering shall I wait for this case to be resolved and send the recent I797 copy or use the existing I797 which was there before extension. The extension got the approval but as there as there are three approval copy all these issues are coming.

Please advise.