Have B1 Visa, got H1B approved but not stamped. Should i travel on B1 and apply for change of status

Hello All,

I have B1 visa for 10 years, got H1B approved in Jan2017 but not yet stamped.

Looking at the current chaos regarding the new immigration rules that could be introduced by the US govt, is it better to


Goto US on B1 and apply for change of status to H1B


Go for H1B stamping in India first and then after stamping go to US on H1B Visa ?

Im confused which option to opt, some people are suggesting Option1 as they feel H1B stamping may not happen (due to the current chaos), some others suggest Option2

Is there any chance of my B1 getting canceled and also H1B not getting stamped if I go for stamping in India ?

Please advice, thanks in advance.

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