Have applied for H1b, if rejected in lottery, Can I apply for L1?


I have 6 yrs exp & post grad degreee (non-US), so 8yrs, which is bare minimum for apply L1.

My Q: I have applied for H1b. If I’m rejected in lottery, I’m planning to push my employer to apply L1. Will USCIS reject my L1 under the cause that I can’t apply L1 and H1b for a same job or any other reason related to me applying for H1b earlier? Can I safely go ahead with applying for L1?

yes, you can go ahead with L1B if your H1B is rejected.

L-1 has its own requirements - you should be working on employer propritary tools/technology/skills/applications etc which are not commonly known outside the employer. This means if you file L-1 for a position that requires working on Java, then L-1 may get denied as that knowledge is commonly known outside your employer as well.