Have anyone recieved RFE on Regural Processing.

HI folks,

I had applied H1b petition 2014 regular processing through one of the Consultancies. Luckily , my petition got selected in Lottery and consultancy shared reciept number on April 22nd.

Now , my status has been changed from Initial Review to RFE. I agree Premium processing status gets moved to RFE sooner, but my suspicion is does Regular processing status alos gets changed so soon.

Has anyone in Regular processing recived RFE? are am i cornered by consultancy as they are not providing any confirmation mail other than reciept number.

Please help guys.

They have different officers reviewing PP and non-PP cases. So the non-PP case officers have to pick-up some petitions and yours got picked-up first.

So its normal to see quick processing in your case. Most of the other petitions may not be lucky enough and have to wait for more weeks and months in order to see any movement.


Thanks for educating me Saurabh , Kindly keep sharing your experience on this.

I am in the same state as you. I am also a RQ/RP/VSC and mine went to RFE on may 15th. My attorney has not received any mail yet. Will ask him again next week. Will keep you posted if I get a response , kindly do the same.

Please reply in case your status has changed from RFE to next status. Mine is still in RFE though the proofs have been sent. I read somewhere it takes 2 to 6 weeks to change.

Dear Saurabh,

Thanks for your reply and advice from redbus2us.

One more twist in my US Visa Process,

My case still now,

Petition Type: Regular Quota/Regular Processing/Outside US
Receipt Date: April 08 2013
Receipt No: EAC131405xxxx
Notice Date: April 19 2013
RFE Status Update: May 24 2013

Started my H1B visa process on March 27th 2013. Got my LCA approved within 4 days of submission. Submitted the application to USCIS on April 3 2013. Got selected in Lottery. From nowhere my petition was picked for review while there were many before me . Don’t know whether to be happy or sad, happy because it was picked so early for review by Visa Officer and sad because it was RFE. Yet to receive reason for RFE.

Any advice or suggestion on how it will move forward if RFE response is sent will it affect the normal process or once RFE is replied it will be quick ?

Wait for your employer to know the RFE reason, then work w/ them to prepare the response. USCIS typically takes up to 60 days to review the RFE response, but it can take longer in some cases.

Hi , Any update on your status?

Hi, I am yet to recieve any update on RFE. My consultancy also has not provided any information about reason for RFE.

Hi Munna,

Any update on your status change? Mine is still in RFE, though my lawyer has told me he replied to it in may itself.

Thank you American Idiot for your guidance.

My Visa Petition got approved. Wish you the best.

Hi Muhammad Imran,

Congrats on your petition approval. Could you please help us understand how much time was required for the status to change to RFE Response review and once in Response review - how much time for theapproval.

Its very disheartening to say my consultancy is not taking appropriate actions for RFE issued on May 13th.

Also, can you all advise within how much time frame should a response be submitted to RFE.


Petition Type: Regular Quota/Regular Processing/Outside US
Receipt Date: April 08 2013
Receipt No: EAC131405xxxx
Notice Date: April 19 2013
RFE Status Update: May 24 2013
RFE Replied Date: Jun 20 2013
Approval Received Date: July 15 2013

Time to respond RFE = 90 Days (Max)
Change of Status to RFE Response Review = Day of RFE Doc’s Submissiom
For Approval after response = 60 Days - Unknown

Have you got any reply from USCIS?