Has anyone here had good experience with any H1B consultant?

Hi Guys,

I am looking for H1B sponsorship this year and have been approached by many consultants for the same. All of them are asking for some kind of ‘security deposit’ to pay for my H1B fees as asking for H1B fees directly is illegal. They are saying the fees will be refunded if not selected in lottery or reimbursed as part of my salary later if I join them. Some of them have good reviews online and seem genuine to talk to. However, I am still not sure if I should trust them.

Has anyone here had good experience with H1B consultants who ask the candidate to pay for their H1B fees? If so, could you kindly share their contact details? You can email me at icycool60@gmail.com.


I have posted my reply above again here: RedBus specifically does not comment on companies because every registered H1B processing group has a right to earn a living. You can apply through any entity but be careful if a promise made is not matching your qualifications. Approvals are difficult in today’s climate and an assurance made without a full evaluation of facts around your qualifications means someone simply wants your money.

Hi Shankar,

Thanks for answering.

One of the consultants I have been talking to had initially refused to file my visa, but later agreed when I told him where I was working (which turned out to be one of his biggest clients). Also, when I asked for a better pay, they took a short telephonic interview to evaluate my technical skills. He has not yet asked me for any documents, maybe because I haven’t yet confirmed to him if I want to go ahead with him. Do you think these are practices followed by a genuine consultants? I checked his visa history on sites like redbus2us and found that he has indeed filed many H1B visas over past years, with very low denial rate.

Other two consultants I have been talking to did not take my technical test. They simply approached me after evaluating my CV. One of them is an e-verified employer (not sure how that helps me), and is asking to pay only half the amount now; rest if I get selected in lottery.

The other one has asked for all my documents like college degrees, experience certificates, passport copy, etc for evaluation for H1B.

I also wanted to know if signing any contract with the consultant before I make the ‘security deposit’ payment has any legal standing? The contract will mention important terms like if my case is not picked up in lottery, I will get a refund. It will also mention my compensation.

Please let me know what you think of these consultants, as you are very knowledgable about this process and industry. All these consultants are based in US, but have some presence/tie up in India also (I am also from India).

Thanks a lot.

Hi Maverick,

Can you please confirm about the consultants you have been talking to. Do they have a better profile and are they genuine? I need these information soon.