Has anyone has appeared for H1B Visa stamping in Netherlands


I’m an Indian living in Netherland on Residence permit and planning to apply H1B this year 2014. Can I attend my H1B Visa stamping in NL US emabassy.

Has anydone done H1Visa stamping procedure in NL or in any european countries ? What are the possiblities of my visa stamping getting rejected ?

I have the same question. I got my H1 approval last week.

Can i go for stamping in AMsterdam, Netherlands or do i have to go to India for stamping?

I contacted them, they said not a problem for my case. You can contact them and explain your situation. They might suggest.

Approval rates are higher than 90% in most of Europe and easier. Just make sure you do not have any open files elsewhere in the world or it shows on their computers that you have a pending situation / application in another country. Then they will require you to close the other case.

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Dr. Sandeep Shankar, Colorado Heights University, Denver, CO, USA. www.chu.edu; sshankar@chu.edu

Hi Sandeep,

How does USA consulate know about other countries’ work permit application? I understand if they already got the visa for other country, then they can get to know by looking at the passport.

I have my Netherlands work permit approved and yet to go for visa stamping. At the same time, my H1 petition is selected in the random selection and waiting for the approval. If my H1 petition is approved,

  1. Is it ok to have Netherlands work permit visa in passport while going for H1 visa stamping?
  2. I am an Indian, living in Singapore since 3 years. And my POC in H1 petition is Singapore. Can I move to Netherlands and work there until my H1 petition is approved and attend visa interview in Netherlands? Will short stay in the current country of residence an issue in visa interview in that country?


Did you get the visa stamped in Netherlands? How long have you been living in Netherlands before you went for stamping?

I am also in the same situation.

Yes Got stamped in NL. As long as you show your Work Permit it is fine with the embassy.

When you contact US Embassy in NL for H1 Stamping, they will ask the proof for your stay in NL. At that time if you show your NL Work permit, they will proceed with fingerprint scanning and proceed with stamping procedure.

But if you show the proof of your stay in NL apart from your NLwork permit, Im not sure how they will consider.

Thank for the response.

How long have you stayed in Netherlands when you went for Stamping?

When I asked Embassy, they said very temporary stay in Netherlands will be an issue.

Hi Shiny,
This is surya and i am From india.
My H1 case is in progress and some where by end of january it could be approved. My question is what could be the success rate of H1b stamping in Amsterdam.I am working in Netherlands since January 2015 onwards.

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