Has anyone applied for H1B Visa for a company named 'SoftwareMerchant Inc'

Do USCIS refund money if the visa is rejected? I have been asked to invest a part of fees for visa process. If visa is rejected my money wont be returned and if selected they will return. Has anyone applied for them earlier.

Legally, you should not pay for any part of your Visa. Its employer’s responsibility to pay for all your visa and air travel expenses. If your employer is asking money for these, its illegal.

The opposite would at least make sense, but this definitely looks like a scam, as if petition is not selected in the lottery all fees are returned back to petitioner by USCIS. I wouldn’t go with this employer, look for some other company, possibly which do not require you to pay anything as it is illegal for employer to ask employee to cover H-1B fees, attorney fees and initial US traveling expenses (https://www.dol.gov/wecanhelp/h1bworkers.htm)

Did you get your visa stamped through Software Merchant?
How is that company ?
Do you suggest to work with them ?