Had Valid B1/B2 Visa, Will it be a Problem for H1B

Hi All,

i alreday have B1/B2 visa and i visited US 2 time in 2010(4 months) 2012(3 months)… Will that be a problem in H1b stamping…

Also please suggest DOcuments and Question in Visa Interview for H1B Inhouse Project,.

yes, it could be a problem, but only if you would say that you were working in States on your previous trips on B1 visa. Until you would not say this, and tell them that you were there for training, or design discussions or something like that, you should be good.

Regarding questions, mostly they would be from your petition, like salary, your manager, city, your petitioner, duration, working for the same company for how long, roles and responsibilities over there? Not a big deal until your employer is genuine. Good luck.