Had Approval notice , so what more documents to be presented at the consulate during Visa Extension Stamping Interview.

Hi All,

I have got the approval notice with the visa till 25th june 2017 and also the petition papers.Now can you guys tell me what all documents to be carried for the visa stamping during interview for extension.

Appreciate your help on this!



Mandatory DocumentsValid original passport. You are recommended to have passport valid for at least six months beyond your interview date.All old passports heldOne photograph as per specification.US Visa Application Form DS-160 confirmation page stamped at the Visa Application Center (VAC)US Visa Applicatoin Fee payment receipt.Visa Interview appointment letter.Original Notice of Action-I797.Blanket L1 applicants must carry the original I-129 and a copy of the Notice of Action I-797.Employer and your tax docsAdditional Supporting Documents required at the time of interview?Principal ApplicantFor applicant applying with a blanket petition, a demand draft for Rs 29000/- favouring “US Embassy, New Delhi” or “U.S. Consulate General, Mumbai (or Chennai or Kolkata, or Hyderabad)” as applicable towards FPD fee. DDs drawn on co-operative banks are not accepted.Copy of the first and last page of your current valid passport. If you have any observations on your passport please submit a copy of the observation page also.The original Notice of Action (Form I-797).Form I-129 (if Form I-797 is a blanket permit, copy of Form I-797 and I-129), and recent letter from employer that describes your proposed duties and intention to hire you.Letters verifying your employment history and specific work skills.Original degree certificates along with mark sheets.Relevant diplomas or certificates, e.g. computer certification.If currently working on an H-1B visa, you may want to carry your pay slips for the current calendar year and your Federal tax returns (IRS Form 1040 and W-2) for all the years in which you have been employed in the United States.In case of Blanket L visa applicants, three copies of the Form I-129s and one copy of the Form I-797 need to be submitted.,/li>Dependents need to submit a copy of the principal applicant’s Petition (Form I – 797 and Form I -129 as applicable) and visa copy.Visa renewal applicants will have to submit a copy of the previous expired US visa stamped on their passport.First time applicants may consider carrying the following documents:Pay slips from current or most recent place of employmentNames and current phone numbers of the personnel managers at your present and previous positions; andResume or CV.