H4B status for daughter expiring in July 2020. What are my options?

My family consists of 4 people, me, my wife and my son, all have an i94 valid until Feb2022. However my daughter (11 years) has her i94 valid only until July2020 due to her passport expiration in July2020. I started applying for her passport renewal at the Indian Consulate here in the USA (documents are ready to be sent via FedEx). However due to the pandemic shutdown, her passport has not been renewed yet. I’m not sure how long will the consulate take to reopen so that I can renew her passport, and re-enter USA from the Canada border before her i94 expires so that I can get her i94 extended to the Visa validity date of Feb2022. What are the options for my daughter to continue her stay with me in the USA in case I’m unable to get her passport renewed before her i94 expires due to the ongoing pandemic.

You can get your passport renewal done under extreme situation. Check the home page, you will get pop-up with email info. https://passport.in.ckgs.us/

State your situation and then explain the criticality. You can get the passport done first and then later, you get I-94 updated. Read below

Thanks @Kumar
I did write to the consulate today asking to consider my case as an exemption and accept the application for renewal of her passport under emergency, as advised and I did get the response immediately. However, they are asking me to wait for the situation to improve and reapply for the renewal of the passport. This is the same response I got earlier when I explained them the situation a week ago. I’m confused and have no clue what to do.

Appreciate your help.
Thanks again.