H4 wrong visa stamped

Please suggest on below case :

I am h4 visa holder and went to INDIA for stamping. Got the drop box appointment and submitted all the documents.

After a week got my passport. Collected by some friend . Noticed I got visa for old i797 expiry not the current one . The current i797 has validity till 2023. But old has till aug 2021. In nut shell duplicate visa is granted for old date as already I had stamping for same date .

I had to travel usa on urgent basis so I traveled but in POrt of entry I got i94 till 2023.

Now below are the questions:

  1. I have to renew for my ead . Can I do it ?
    2 can I travel back to India after renewing my h4 ead?
  2. How can the above blunder mistake from uscis can be corrected. Means stamping in my passport.

Please suggest.