H4, VO said its Approved but status shows refused

My Wife attended H4 interview on Oct 15th, the interview went well and the visa officer told her that the visa is Approved and the passport was taken and NO slips were given.
As of today when I check the Visa status it shows

May I know what this means? or is this normal?

Hi it’s the same for my family too. The VO has given a green slip and said approved, but status shows like yours. Did your wife get the passport with visa stamped yet.

Don’t take my word for granted. This usually happens when the application goes to “Administrative Processing”. But since the VO said it is approved, it is confusing. All I can think is that either it has gone into administrative processing, in which case it will be updated to “Administrative Processing” and latter “Approved” or directly to “Approved”.

Is this normal?

I have heard this happen to applications that go in to administrative processing.

@nginx16 Hi, Did your wife get visa approved? Please let us know what was the outcome. We are also in same scenario. VO said visa is approved but Status is shown as Refused.

@rbkumar88 Hi, Please let us know if there is any update in your case? We are also in same boat

Case changed to Administrative processing