H4 visa when spouse has recently got H1 transferred


I transferred from company A to company B. My H1 from old company is valid till Sept 2013. This february I am getting married, so going to India. I was told that I don’t need visa to get stamped because I can enter to US as my old visa still has date till sept 2013. So if my wife goes to H4 stamping, there should not be any problem right? Because I changed the company my new I 797 says company B and my passport says company A


I am also in the same situation, can you please let me know what decision you made.

I did Visa Transfer from Company A to Company B and have Valid Visa with Company A till Jan 2014. Travelling to India for marriage on Feb 2013, I need to know whether there is any problem for my wife H4 stamoing if she takes a copy of my Company A visa and Company b I 797 copy.

Please share your experience.

I was told that, it should be fine. But was waiting for some to confirm it. I am still waiting for someone to comment on it .

Hello sriking1783 and vdprashanth,

What ended up happening in both of your cases? I am in a very similar situation and wanted some advice.