H4 Visa stamping when H1B moved to new Employer

Hi Sir / Madam
I was on H1B till mid of 2021 with employer A, My dependents (H4) travelled India when I was working with Employer A. Later I moved to new Employer B (H1 transfer completed). Now I intend to bring my dependents back to US.

Note : H4 is still in India

  1. H4 alone can go for stamping process with the copy of new employers I797 ? or should they go for any H4 extension process ?

They just need the copy of your latest I797, last three pay stubs, employment verification letter and other H4 related documents to go for stamping.

H4 extension of status is applied only while the H1B dependent is in the US. In your case it will be visa stamping if their prior H4 visa has expired.

Thank You :slight_smile: kalpesh for reply

I got stamping appointment for dependents in coming march, My Kids passport is expiring in August 22. By the time of drop box appointment my kid’s passport expires in next 5 months + , Will USCIS do stamping on my kids passport ?

This Stamping appointment is H1 + 2 H4 , will the kids lesser passport validity impact the Me and my wife’s stamping as well ?

You need to renew the passport before appointment.


It won’t impact yours but kids may not get their visa stamped.

Thank You Kalpesh for the response,

Once I got my kids passport renewed, , do I need to have separate DS160 again with new passport details for my kid ?

Note : Visa stamping appointment confirmed for me and my dependents (together)

You can submit updated DS-160 and carry the confirmation page from old and the new DS-160 to your appointment.