H4 visa stamping refused


I’d like some advice in my scenario. I’m on a H4 visa. I dropped off my documents on December 12, 2022 for stamping in the Bangalore dropbox location, but I got a 221g asking me to re-submit my documents when my husband’s visa is stamped, as the visa on his passport is expired too like mine. He has a Dropbox appointment for January 13, 2023 which he got after rescheduling twice. He is finished with his maximum number of reschedules now. I have to go back to US as early as possible in order to keep my job. So I’m thinking of what options I have.

My questions are as follows:
– Is there any way to expedite a Dropbox request?
– If so, I can submit a supporting document of a letter from my work saying it’s an important and urgent business need that I return, and therefore request that my husband’s appointment be expedited.
– IF it is approved, can I reschedule when the number of reschedules is maxed out? Is there a special exception of sorts for appointments scheduled after an emergency/expedited request?

– OR is this whole attempt absolutely futile?

I’d really appreciate some help in this regard, as I’m really confused about how to proceed.


Yes but I don’t think your husband will qualify.


The reason itself may not qualify however there is no harm in trying.
Another issue with your case is because your husband is also applying for visa renewal, H4 dependents may not be stamped before the H1B. Otherwise it would have been no issue with H4 stamping.

I thought you can reschedule up to 5 times?

Thank you so much for the response @Kalpesh_Dalwadi.

I have a follow-up question though - where do I find the request form for expediting a request? When I log in to my husband’s account, I cannot actually see an option on the left saying Emergency Request or whatever it is supposed to say. Is there another place where I can download the form and submit it?

Also, at the moment, my husband’s appointment has been rescheduled twice - so one original appointment and two reschedules, and when I go to reschedule appointments now, it shows a message saying that if I cancel this appointment I’d have to pay the MRV fees again. When I see that message, does it mean that I can still reschedule once or not? I’m not sure about that.

Thank you for your advice.

Warm Regards,

Contact VFS and they should be able to guide you.