H4 Visa Stamping Query & Visa Waiver under 14

Hi All,

I have 2 queries


1. My H4 visa is valid till June 2016 with my Husbands previous employer and currently he has new employer approval I-797 till Feb 2017, do i need to go for H4 Stamping again or can i show the new I-797 approval in the Port of entry.


2. My Child H4 visa has expired 1 year back,in order get the Visa Interview waiver for under 14, i need to submit the below supporting 


1. Applicant's current and all old passports

2. A completed DS-160 confirmation page. 

3. A visa fee receipt for the current visa application .

4. [b]For child below 14 years of age a valid visa copy of the same visa category of either of the parents[/b]


[b]Can i submit my H4 Visa copy with previous employer and Newly approved I-797 of Husband.[/b]


Please guide me what to do.


Thanks all

I feel you should go for fresh stamping , though technically you need not according to many

Since you are going for stamping apply simultaneously for child