H4 Visa Stamping - Marriage certificate issued in the US

Hi there,

I am applying for my h4 visa and my husband and I both have the visa interview scheduled for the same date on December 24th. I had a few questions with regards to the interview. I would really appreciate your advise!

  1. While I was on a visit to the US for four months in May this year, we decided to get married and got the register marriage done in the US itself. I left the US and came back to my place of employment (and hometown) in Abu Dhabi. We have not had a traditional Indian wedding yet and will only do so next year. Is it a problem that my register marriage was done in the US while I was on a visit visa?

  2. Although my husband and I have scheduled our visa appointment on the same day, we were unable to get the same time slot to interview together. His interview is 45 mins apart from mine. Can we still interview together if we request the consular office?

Thanks in advance for your answers.