H4 Visa Stamping in absence of H1B visa stamp in the name of new employer

Hello All,

Need some advice here:

I and my wife are currently in US on H1B and H4 respectively, The Visa issued in the passport is in the name of my previous employer.

I left my previous employer 6 months back, my petition [I-797]with new employer is valid till 12/2015 and my wife’s I539[extend/change of non imigrant status] was filed and has been extended till 12/2015.

Now, the visa in both our passports is issued in the old employer name and will expire in 12/2013, my wife is planning India travel in December 2013 with a return in March 2014, which will require her to go for a visa stamping,

Question for clarity : Will she have any issue when she applies for a visa in the name of new employer ? since, myself(primary petitioner) do not have a visa issed by the new employer.

Any advice in this regard is greatly appreciated.


It wont be any problem. if asked by VO, tell there was transfer and new employer details.

Keep all necessary docs of transfer