H4 Visa stamping for Mother & Infant

Hello Team,

Need your help to understand the process. I already have H1B stamped. My wife & my new born daughter (who will be 5 months by then) will be going for interview.

Now, I understand that there is interview waiver for kids, however, my daughter will be travelling with us (ill be taking them to consulate while i’m on India visit) & my wife can take her to interview.

I have filled 2 separate ds160 for them. Now, I haven’t paid fee until now. My questions are:

  1. When fees needs to paid (after submitting DS160 or while scheduling interview on Mumbai consulate website).

  2. If it has to paid while scheduling appointment, how can I put 2 application number for one interview?

I’m just confused how to handle mother & kid together for visa interview.

Thanks in advance for your guidance.


  1. After submitting DS form, please create a profile in CGI portal and there you an see options on how to pay the fees. Once they receive your payment, they receipt number gets updated and appears there. Only after which you an schedule a consular appointment and OFC appointment.
  2. You have the option of providing 2 separate DS 160 form numbers for each applicant. Fill 2 forms and select H, spouse of H4 and Child of H4.
    Regarding interview, kids are optional for both the interviews - OFC and Consular . Just carry a photo of the kid and DS 160 confirmation to the OFC centre and get a seal there. For the consulate, Its sufficient if you carry their DS 160, Original passport and your passport copies. Optional, but we have a choice to take them or not.

Thanks for the response Sir.
I filled 2 DS-160 forms & created profile for my wife on below link.
Now, I selected:
New Application–>Post–>Visa Category (H)–>Visa Class (H4) for Spouse/Child of H1 Holder–>
Next under “Personal Data”, I can fill only one person’s details & one DS-160 Confirmation Number i.e. my wife’s. Do not find where to enter my kid’s details

Once you have created new profile, it asks for basic information such as Type of visa, location, language and basic details such as name, dob, petitioner and validity. The next page is add dependents there you can add the child , check this link once you are logged in.
A pop up opens where you can enter child s full name, passport number, DS-160, phone etc. This is the option i tried and it worked for me. Pls try.

Thanks so much for helping… im waiting for certain information & will definitely let you know… One last thing.
As I understand:

  1. My wife can carry her’s & my daughters documents with passports for interview
    2)My daughter can also go with her.

However, Bio-metric is just for my wife… Am I correct?

Thanks again for your help.

Yes children are not required to be present at the OFC centre. Please carry the child s DS160 form, 1 hard copy of photo graph, and your passport copies( for record) . And that should do. Biometric is only for your wife.
However they dont restrict kids entry, so no harm in taking her to the centre, even though not required. This applies to Consulate also. Not required, but not restricted either.