H4 visa stamping for Dependent


I am working on L-1B and company had applied H-1B for me in COS (Change of status). Both visa L-1B and H-1B has petition approved for me.

My current employmer said, you will start work on H-1B from October 1st. My wife wants to travel to India for vacation but i am not travelling.

  1. Can she go for H4 visa stamping without having mine H-1B visa stamping?

  2. Is there any risk if she goes before my H-1B Visa stamping?

please suggest.


Please suggest. It’s important.

1- she can go for visa staming without your visa stampted.

2-Yes . A little risk exists. It is the discretion of visa officer. If she had applied for L2 it would have relatively simpler.

But with COS , depends on visa officer.

I have had both the experiences with my clients.

Some have got visa without problem. one or two got 221G

Thanks for reply.
Yes, she had applied for L2 as well which has expired now and moved to H4 visa now as per approved petition.

But normally , is there high risk of rejection if she goes for stamping before mine stamping?
please share experience and thoughts.

Rejection is unlikely unless there is some lacuna in documentation. I think that if other things are ok , she should get visa. 33% chance of 221 G.