H4 Visa stamping, DS160 with H1B has employer A stamping and valid I797 with Employer B

I recently changed to employer B got my I797 valid until May, 2025 and have visa stamping with employer A expires Nov, 2023. My wife will need a new h4 visa stamping on Feb, 2023. Should I need to go for visa stamping with employer B before H4 visa stamping Or Can I use employer A visa stamping and 1797 documents from employer B to get H4 visa stamping?
Which I797 details need to be added to DS-160 at the time of H4 visa stamping(If you agree employee A visa stamping should be good).

H4 must use primary H1B current I-797 for their visa stamping. If H1B is already in the US, It doesn’t matter even if their visa is valid or expired.