H4 visa stamping appointment Before Marriage - Status Single?

I have my H1B stamping until Dec-2021.I got engaged in Sept-2019 and getting married in Feb-2020.My question is can i fill DS 160 for my fiance now for an appointment in Feb 2020? Asking this question because while filling DS160 i am mentioning her status a married as it is for H4 visa and by the time she goes for a visa interview we will be married and have the relevant docs ready.But if you see technically she is single at this point.Is it fine to proceed with DS 160 submission and appointment now

This is slightly grey area… Some have done it one way, some other way. In my way, the better thing to do is be compliant. She can apply for H4 stamping appointment using Single Status. Once the marriage is done, then you fill out a new DS-160 form with Married as status. You can carry both the DS-160 and indicate the same to Visa Officer by giving the latest one.