H4 Visa Stamping and DS160

I changed my employer A to B in Aug 2021. At that time H1 and H4/H4EAD renewal was completed with expiry of Sep 2024.

In May 2022, I changed employer B to C. This time also I applied for H1 and H4/H4EAD renewal. I received H1 renewal (Expiry 04/2025) but not H4/H4EAD.

I have to travel to India in Jan 2023 and since we have to go for Visa Stamping, I filled out 2 separate DS-160 in May 2022 after receipt of my H1B approval (one for H1 with new renewal receipt # and one for H4 with renewal receipt # received during my employer transfer from A to B with expiry of Sep 2024). Got Visa Interview date in Jan 2023.

Now, I received H4 and H4 EAD approval in November 2022.

Now what should I do as my wife’s DS-160 include the receipt # which was received during my employer change from A to B (expiry 09/2024)? Should I filled new DS-160? or I can keep same and submit the document with new and old approval receipt during visa appointment?

You can submit a new DS-160 with the employer C I-797 and carry copy of old and new DS-160 to your appointment.

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Thank You So Much for Help.