H4 visa stamping after H1 Transfer for spouse

Hi Sir/Madam,

I got my H4 visa stamped in february 2014 and have valdity till september 2016.

In may 2014 i had to come to india for emergency purpose.

While i am in india my spouse have transfered from company A to company B and his H1B transfer got approved and recieved new I797.

Now i am planning to go to US.

Do i need to go for H4 Visa Stamping?

Will i face any issues during port of entry?

Can i go for Visa Stamping without my spouse Visa stamping?

Please help me with my querie.

Thanks in advance for your response.


I also have similar situation. During my visa transfer my wife was in India and she travelled on my last organization visa as her transfer didnt happened since she was not in US. Now we are travelling to India for a short vacation. Do I need to get her visa transfered first before going and get it stamped while coming back?

Please annswer the same as its quite urgent for me.


Hi Gyanesh,

Can you tell me what happen in your case?