H4 Visa renewal awaited with expired Driving license


My wife’s license expires this week. We are waiting for the H4 renewal which might take another month to come. Can she drive on in Indian driving license and if yes how we could she be added to the insurance ?.
We went to DMV in New Jersey, they couldn’t find any information on SAVE

Thanks in advance

Unfortunately, this is a big issue for many waiting for H4 renewal. In fact, some could not drive. Usually, Indian license is valid only for certain amount of time like a year or few months, it varies by state. You need to check with your insurance provider on this. Most of the times, they may not accept it… I wish, there was a better choice. Some got AB 60 license in CA for H4. You can see, if there is such option in NJ.

Also, do share your update, after you talk to your insurance company.

Checked up with insurance they said we are good on Indian license for coverage. They were not sure if the DMV allows to drive.

@slepakshi, Yeah, that’s the trick. You need to check with DMV, there are limitations on how long you can use the Indian license…Try visiting them or calling them…Do update here for everyone benefit.