H4 visa processing time and want to go US with my husband having h1B visa

Respected sir,

I am getting married in Nov 2013, My would be husband is working in US, having H1B visa till Sep 2015.

We both are working in same company and project. However, we both want that I should apply for H4 visa once getting married in Nov 2013.

Also will it possible that I can take Leave without pay from the company on the H4 duration instead of leaving the job. I am trying my project will initate my H1B…but it will take time.

Please let me know exactly how much time it will take to apply for H4 visa till H4 visa stamping. As My husband has to go back by December 2013, and will it be possible that i can go with husband in Dec 2013 (probably my H4 visa stamped by that time)

Request to let me know the time duration take for H4 visa.

As per knowledge, documents required are:- passport ,weeding albums, Invitation card ,original of all the docs like education.my Experience letter , my approved leave letter for the entire period of stay in US …please let me know any thing else needed as a doucuments.

Waiting for reply…

Thanks in Advance.

In the list of documents, you have missed the most Important thing- Marriage certificate.

It will be easily possible for you to accompany your husband in Dec after getting married in Nov

One can plan the appointment in advance after completing formalities in such a way - that you appear for Interview say 10 to 12 days after marriage giving you enough time to get marriage certificate.

Hi Diya

The letter granting leave may not be necessary since it is dependent on you getting the visa. Infact I would suggest you keep documents relating to your work as backup and produce only if asked. You can plainly say that you don’t plan to work on h4 in the US, and will quit your current job if permitted a H4 visa. what you actually do - quit/leave can be figured out by you later.

The reason for above is that otherwise you may come across as someone immigrating with an intention of employment.


Thanks…I know marriage certificate is the most important thing…forget to mention.

After marriage only, I can start process for H4 visa and If I plan Interview as said 10 to 12days after marriage…Firstly I have to know by when I have my marriage certificate in my hand…I heard that it take only a week to get marriage certificate…Is this?

Thank You.

Can I search job in US on H4 visa .

If i get job and my new employer is ready to file an H1B petition for me,but before that, should i have to come back to India and complete the process to leave the current job, as I m on LWP. or it can be possibles through mails.

Please clarify these process.

Time taken for Marriage certificate differs from place to place. Check the time and documentation required at yr place of Marriage

It is b/w you and your employer how you resign from the job. If they accept resignation over email, then do that. If they want you to return to India and resign in-person, then do that.

You can search for potential H-1 sponsors when on H-4. They can file H-1 for you in FY-15 w/ a start date of Oct 1, 2014.

Thanks Saurabh

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