H4 visa: new or re-stamp required if the H1 person change the employer in US

My wife went to India in Jun 2019 and she got H4 Visa stamping on same month with validity Jun 2021 that was against my H1 with Employer A. I got new offer from Employer B and transferred my H1 to Emp B on Aug 2019 and H1 approved last week. Employer A withdrawn H1 in July 2019. Can my wife travel to USA with the H4 that she got through Employer A ?

Yes, she can. Need to carry your new H1B and relevant documents related to your new employment to be able to re-enter using that. Read Do I need new H1B and H4 stamping after transfer


This is similar to my case: my husband was working for company A on h1 and I have a h4. We got approved extensions for three years after which my husband joined company B (no stamping done yet) and has a valid petition. Now I need to go to India in Dec (husband not traveling). Do u for see any issue for me to go for stamping or any delays due to Admin processing?

@Cyble85, Don’t worry, it will be fine. Carry all documentation and be confident.

Thank You Kumar !
That was reassuring:)

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