H4 visa is issued to the dependent family members

Hi All,

I got the Stamping for me and My family in 2014 and valid till Aug 2016, but now i have changed the employer -B and my family still in india , since i have changed the company , do i need to send my family again stamping , iam planing to bring them in june and they have the valid till Aug 2016 with old employer , will there be any issue if they come with old stamping , i also have the valid I-797 Approved from company B.Kindly let me know so that i can plan accordingly .

Your family members don’t need to appear for another stamping as long as their current visa stamp is valid. It holds true even if you change employers.

They would need to show your new employer’s approved petition when entering US to receive I-94 on the basis of new petition.

Thanks a Lot, so once they come to usa i need to fil the extension right, they are coming to USA in june first week , and they will have the valid visa from my old company till Aug 2016, which mean another 2 months , i heared they should be valid 90 days, can you help me here , if there is no issue i will deceide to bring them with out stamping .

Visa stamp is irrelevant once a person enters US. They can continue to stay inside US even after visa stamp expires as long as their I-94 is current.

In this case, they will show B’s petition when entering US along w/ current visa stamp. They would be issued I-94 on the basis of new 797. Their extensions need to be filed when your 797 and their I-94 is about to expire.