H4 Visa Interview with New Employer while the New petiion is in RFE status

Hello Team,

I am in India now. I have H1B stamp from new employer becasue my H1B petition initiated another Employer(not the current employer). Later I have scheduled my H4 Interview to my family in this month with new Employer petition. Last month the current employer initiated Premium H1B transfer to keep me back in the current company but I have received RFE with current employer so my decision to continue is pending with current employer. If the current employer H1B transfer is taking more time, I would like to go to new employer as I have visa with new employer.

Current stage is that my petition with current employer in RFE state and I have approved petition with new emplpyer. If my family go to H4 Interview with the approved petition as scheduled with the new employer, Is there any chances to get questions on my pending RFE petition from current employer?

If there is any risk now, I am okay to cancel the current H4 interview slot as I have 2 more chances for scheduling and go to H4 Interview after all things are cleared but it may add some delay.

I hope my query is cleared.

If you plan on joining the new employer and H4 stamping is scheduled using the new employer petition then I dont see any issue.

No, If Petition is approved with current employer, I can cotinue with current employer olny.