H4 visa interview whilee H1B petition got approved


I am worrking in India and my employer has applied for H1 for me. My husband is already in US. So I have taken visa intevriew date for my H4. But today we got information that my H1 petition is approved. So will this have any impact on my H4 visa interview. Will they know that my H1 petition is approved. Please let me know as this very urgent. It would be great help.



Even if they have access to approved H-1, it should not be a big issue. There are people who first appear for H-1 stamping and when it gets rejected they appear for H-4 stamping, which then gets approved. So they are aware that people on H-4 do toggle b/w H-1 and H-4.

Why don’t you want to appear for H-1 interview?