H4 Visa interview scheduling - Alert President Proclamation

I am getting a pop up message that due to the ‘presidential proclamation’([https://www.ustraveldocs.com/index.html]) visa scheduling isn’t possible. At first I thought it was for everyone but my husband who had paid the visa fees for his H1 and had to cancel his appointment due to covid19; could schedule his appointment. Also checked with a friend who is on H1 and haven’t paid the visa fees could also schedule his appointment. Can anybody let me know why am I getting this alert message and unable to proceed further? Has anyone else come through this kind of issue?

Everyone gets that on the home page and it is is a generic message.
You can only schedule for H4, if your spouse has valid H1B visa on passport or you qualify based on the exceptions. Read more at

Thanks for the reply. My husband I797 is approved but he didn’t go for stamping . We both are in US at present. Is this alert message applicable until 12/31 and post that I can schedule or I can schedule only after my husband gets his new H1 stamping done?

Hi Kumar,

Could you please provide more info about “if your spouse has valid H1B visa on passport”?

I have I797 approved until 2023 but my visa on passport expired in 2019 June. Are you sure that my spouse is not eligible for H4 stamping since I do not have stamped visa?

Thanks for your help