H4 visa interview process and documents

Respcted sir,

I am krishna. My wouldbe is in US (She is in H1 visa) and our marriage is shedulded on coming june month. After marriage we are planned to stay in US by getting H4 visa to me. Which are the documents, i should have (means my personal documents like driving license, Pan card, educational certificates etc from my side).

And my qualification is M.Tech from IIT Roorkee with 9 years of experience in Electrical field. After going to US, is there any way get job for myself. If any ways are there please let me know.


For dependent visa you will need your passport, marriage cetificate, wedding card/album.

In order to work you need your own H-1 visa. It can be filed when the new cap opens in April 2013, or if you miss that then you have to wait until April 2014 to have it filed. You need to search for an employer who can file it for you.