H4 visa interview for spouse without H1B extension stamping


Me and husband are planning to go to India in November 2018 for Visa stamping. I have H1B visa and my husband is on H4 visa with EAD. I got my H1B extension in October 2017 and my husband got his H$ visa in January 2018.

So I might be eligible for drop box for my stamping, but I am not sure if I have to go to a visa interview with my husband for his stamping?? Would they treat these two application separately or do we have to go to an interview together??


I would suggest, first as a primary visa holder you can go-ahead and book an appointment for your stamping. If you are eligible for Dropbox (Not all extensions are eligible for dropbox) while going thru the DS-160 process then no issues and your Spouse can book the appointment for H4 Visa Stamp. If you are not eligible then it would be recommended to book appointment together.