H4 Visa Interview for Husband- Rejecting Aspects


My wife has H1B stamped and She has to travel in Jan last Week. As this is her first Visit in US and she travelling Alone there, so we have planned to raise my H4 so that i can go with her for initial setup for 2-3 Week . My H4 interview shcduled on 8th Jan.

I am working in India. please Let me know What may be the Rejecting aspect i may face. So that i can prepare for that.


Ue Wife’s Employer and all relevant Docs matter, keep all the necessary docs ready. Also prepare well for the reason to accompany her

You should be ok, but prepare for questions like

  1. Are you resigning from current job and why

  2. If you have your leaves approved, get the approved letter from company’s letterhead

In addition to your wife’s petition, payslips etc, you should carry marriage certificate and marriage photos. When asked if you will continue to work while on H4 - say a stern and confident NO. if asked about the current job, just say, you will quit and join your spouse. These answers should be good.

Anything in between saying I’ll take leave etc. will only prompt more questions and require more documents.

Once stamped, you need to take leave (unpaid - NOT paid) and then travel to US. H4 visa is dependent and you aren’t supposed to be working anywhere in the world when you are living in the US on that visa (even if its for short duration)