H4 visa interview along with my husband (h1b) application

Hello Expert,

My husband have applied for h1b from his employer A in india and he has now got the i797 approval based on which we both are going to attend Visa interview at New delhi consulate.

My husband would be in H1b category and as I am dependent so I will be applying for h4.

The issue is I have recently joined my husband’s employer A in India starting 1st sept.

If the Visa officer asks me that how I will managing, will you be leaving the job? as you cannot work in US. Also as you are currently employed with your husband’s employer, what should be my answer.

I do not know as of now if I will be traveling along with him or later and naturally if I will be traveling i will be leaving my job. I have mentioned in DS160 that I will be traveling with him on the same date as he is traveling so that I can get the dependent visa with him.

Please help me with what anwer I should frankly put if he asks me this question.



When did you fill Ds 160 form? Before 1 st sept. ?

Do not complicate the matter . Do not panic.

You have two options :

1- stick to what you wrote in the application if it was filled and submitted before 1 st sept.

2- Fill another DS 160 with current correct position. Get it changed

Consulate will not bother about yr joib in India If asked say that you will be resigning yr job. and will accompany yr husband to USA