H4 Visa, Impact of working Dependent on H4 Visa


My H1 Visa Petition is approved and i will be going for stamping soon. My Dependent (spouse) is currently working. My tentative start date is in Dec 2012 and period of stay is >6monts. I would like to have my spouse’s H4 stamping along with mine.

But here, since my spouse is currently working, she may NOT come US along with me in Dec. But the plan is she will join me after 2-3 monts.

Here, how should we approach for H4 stamping. She cannot produce Relieving letter as she intends to contiue her job. And cannot provide a leave letter as she is working on a critical project.

Is it mandatory that she is not working at the time of stamping/ at the time she comes to US. Can she hold a job in India and be on leave.

Would they say she should take Visitor’s visa.

Please reply asap.

Hi Vivek, Could you please guide on this query.

For H4 Realiving order and leave letter is not madatory. She should be aware of your project details, etc, also you both should have strong evidence regardign your marriage etc. Hope this will do. Do not let that she will not travel with you at present. After getting stamping your spouse travel can be decided as per your plan.



But my wife is currently working in Company Y, she had worked in Company X earlier and has relieving letter for the same. Can she say that she had worked in X earlier and is free since then…

If they post any question regarding that you can say the same reason. Hopefully they should not post these questions to H4 people.

I doubt such question’s raise… They will only check your project details and your marriage albums and marriage certificate… nothing related to your wife will be asked as far as I know… FYI, I was working when I attended H4 interview few months back… All the best

Hi Benzi,
we are in same situation. we mentioned H4 applicant is working presently. Could you let me know your experience if h4 visa interview was over? Did consulate officers asks any question related to work (h4 applicant)?