H4 visa holder with bcom +3yrs job in India & business analyst certification from USA can get H1 sponsorship?


I am currently on #H4 visa and residing in Illinois State , USA. I hold an Indian BCOM degree with three years of work experience in Accounts and Book Keeping .Further , I also have a PGDBA in finance from Symbiosis Center for Distance Learning which was unfortunately not considered by the ECE , as a result of which I was not granted a US bachelor holder or equivalent :frowning:

Now, I am planning to do a Business Analyst certification course as the MS courses are way too costly.

My question is that , will my decision of pursuing business analyst course help me to get H4 converted into H1 through sponsorship??

If anyone has been through the same scenario or have an idea about the aforesaid please let me know !!!


The H1B credential rule requires that the 4th year of education be sequential and higher than the previous three years. Your Postgraduate diploma from Symbiosis should have been acceptable as an enhancement of your BCom degree. ECE seems to have made a mistake. I suggest sending the documents out to GCE-US or WES but this time include the eligibility criteria from Symbiosis with the education prerequisite for the Business Analyst course. If you do choose a US certification, your BCom should be an essential pre-requisite for admission, some credits from BCom must transfer or it will not meet the 4-year combined criteria. Hope this helps.

Thank you so much Mr.Shankar :slight_smile: I will do as suggested by you ! But there is one more thing which I, inadvertently missed to mention , it was that my SCDL 2 yrs online PGDBA was not considered by ECE on the grounds that , at the time of my enrollment into SCDL programme , the same was not recognized by the UGC (Although it was recognised by DISTANCE EDUCATION Bureau and was later recognized by UGC also) .

Do you think WES would accept it anyways ??

Your reply will help me a lot !!