H4 visa gave 221g can we get emergency appointment

My wife applied for H4 stamping by drop box and she got 221g form asking her to attend for interview. Since then consulates are closed to call back her to attend for interview. Now my H1 got new extension and which is valid from oct 1st. Can we start new application and ask for emergency appointment? Anyone has similar experience?

what was the reason for 221g ?
when did she submit drop dox ?

I am in the similar situation. I have attended my interview in March and got my visa approved but they sent my passport with a 221g in mid June and asked me to appear for an interview. I have been waiting for them to send me an interview confirmation but no response. Should I apply for an emergency visa ?

she submitted dropbox on March 14th i think.

The Reason is to attend her finger prints and visa interview.