H4 visa for wife (who has an older Green Card application)


I am in the middle of my H-1B process by USCIS (having been selected at the lottery)

Having got the approval I will be going for stamping with my wife. My wife has an older GREEN CARD application through her sister from 15 years ago that my well be due consideration. Once she was refused a visa as her GC application is open and pending.

My question is, will this H4 application be affected by the older GC application? Do we need to cancel the older application?

Please advise…


Both are different visa types and I do not think it should matter. GC application has a different intent, unlike the H4 has a different intent, so consular officer would look for that info. In case of H4, usually if the applicant’s spouse has proper H1B and it gets stamped, usually H4 gets stamped as well…You can read H1B and H4 Visa Stamping Experiences