H4 visa for spouse

Hi, my h1b visa recently got approved with automatic change of status (F1-H1). Now I want to process for my spouse as my dependent who is outside US. I have all the h1b approval related documents, only my confusion here is since my passport doesnot have h1b stamping, it has valid F1visa but no h1b visa on passport, so to process for my spouse is it required to have h1b stamping on my passport too or shall I only need to send my approval documents? Besides approval documents what else I need to provide for my spouse interview ? Please help. Thanks in advance.

Your H-1B visa stamp is not a requirement for her H-4 visa stamping.

She should carry:

  • her passport

  • copy of your 797

  • copy of recent payslips from F-1 OPT and H-1 period

  • your employment verification letter

  • your project documents

Thanks lot. One more question I have actually my spouse also has h1b processing from one of the consultancy in US, but we have not hit any approval till. It is still on the process so during the period when h1b is in process it is okay to travel US in h4? Please help clearing my doubt.

Isn’t your spouse already on H-1? Is the spouse filing for H-1 transfer or H-1 extension? When is spouse’s current H-1 I-94 expiring?

Ok. So you have your H-1 approved w/ COS, but your spouse has pending H-1 approval.

She can go for H-4 visa stamping, travel to US on H-4 visa. Once her H-1 is approved, she can apply for COS from H-4 to H-1, or enter US on stamped H-1 visa.

Thank you so much appreciated.