H4 visa for Canadian citizen

Hi , My wife got selected in H1B lotter in 2023. We both are Canadian citizen. I will get H4 . Can I continue my canadian contract when I will in US on H4 VISA. My Canadian client is paying to my incorporation and also he is ready to give me remote work from US.

While on H4 visa if you are physically present in the US, you are not authorized to work unless you have H4 EAD.

There are people on H4 who work for offshore employer and receive salary in offshore account however this is against the law.

Also while on US soil on non-immigrant visa, if you are a tax resident for the year, your worldwide income is taxable. So while people work remotely on H4, even if they receive salary in offshore bank account, that income is subject to income tax in the US.

Hey Kalpesh Dalwadi , R U also Canadian citizen and with H1b / H4 in US ? If yes, my email id is mp.navyug1981@gmail.com . Please email me or share or cell no so I can discuss with you few things in weekend.