H4 visa for a new born. New account needed?

I am in USA and my son (3months old) is in India. I need to start his H4 application. Does it have to be from one of the parents’ Stanley account? I am to apply for visa stamping with a new employer. I have already filled out my DS-160 and its ready to go in the dropbox.

Ideally, I would like to now create a new account for my son’s first time H4 application (drop box) and use my wife’s existing account for her H4 visa stamping.

  1. Is this advisable? Is there a way to link my wife’s submission to my son’s?

I appreciate the input and any guidance provided.

Best regards!

The process is, when your wife goes for visa stamping, she would submit the documents at Embassy. There is nothing separate she needs to do. Read the ‘Note’ part in the Child US visa waiver page end