H4 visa extension filed online, no case status update from uscis

My husband’s H1 got extended recently for 3 years through his employer. I had to file for my H4 extension separately online through USCIS website via the I-539 form. I got a notice (just the pdf) with receipt number after completing the application online. and I don’t see any updates or case status online. The case status tracking tool on the website refuses to accept my receipt number (as it starts with MCT) to show the case status. I’m unable to get a representative when I call the toll free number. Any idea how long would this process take? My current H4 visa will be expiring soon…

The status of online filed applications can be tracked from your account.

Even if your H4 is expiring, you will still be considered in ‘authorized period of stay’ during the period between your I-94 expiry till the H4 is approved. So you can keep living in the US legally.

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Kalpesh_dalwadi Thank you for your response …!!

I can check the status from USCIS online account but if i had to check from USCIS case status it says invalid … I have to apply for H4 EAD after it gets approved …

USCIS case status will not work for electronically submitted application, as far as I know.
You can apply for H4 EAD using the pdf receipt you have received, you dont need to wait for H4 approval.

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Thank you Kalpesh_Dalwadi …!!

I did check with my attorney and said to wait until the H4 extension got approved so that I-94 gets extended and i will be eligible to apply for H4 EAD based on H4 Extension I94.

If we had applied togeather that’s different story but if you are filing H4 extension separetly then we have to wait until h4 extension gets approved …